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a short film by Thomas Schelesny

A sincere thanks to the  following people and companies who donated their time, advice,  and material support, without which this film could not have been completed.

Tippett Studio  |  Richmond Museum of History  |  Jump’n Java Coffee House  |  Lanesplitter Pizza

Matthew Robinson  |  Craig Paterson  |  Mike Dawoud  |  Brad Fox  |  Alice Worland

Phil Tippett  | Jules Roman  |  Tom Gibbons  |  Chuck Duke  |  Anthony Lucero  |  Viki Wong 

  Frank Free  |  Aaron Bourland

Mitchell Gibbs     Composer

Mitchell Gibbs is a UK-based, award-winning, and multi-nominated composer and orchestrator for film, television, and video games.  Recent work of note includes scores for Jack De La Mare’s dark psychological thriller, Family Portrait; T.A. Ransom’s quirky comedy, Me & My Brian (in theaters next year); Michael Dragnea’s sci-fi action debut, Carbon Copy; and Connor Williams’s teen drama, The Spoilers.  Mitchell counts progressive rock, classical music, avant-garde, and the jazz bands in Canterbury’s live music scene among his influences.

Drug Dealer:    Elliot Weiss

Weiss has been writing, performing original poetry, acting, and playing bass guitar for over 30 years.  His MFA thesis at the California Institute of Integral Studies is an autobiographical book and one-man show.  Weiss has co-written and starred in the independent film Lights Out!; he also plays bass on the soundtrack.







Thomas Schelesny


Thomas Schelesny
Thomas Schelesny
Thomas Schelesny
Thomas Schelesny





Thomas Schelesny
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Thomas Schelesny
Thomas Schelesny
Thomas Schelesny

Last Exit

An exiled private investigator struggles  to decide whether to accept a case that will set him on a  collision course with his own grisly past.

“No Turning Back”

14 min

Crime Drama

May 2016

Thomas Schelesny     Producer | Writer | Director | Editor

Thomas Schelesny is an Emmy-winning VFX Supervisor, Animator, Writer, and Director.  He co-wrote several screenplays including A Better Place, which was named a Top-10 Screenplay of the year on Done Deal Pro. 

Thomas has worked on 40 film and TV projects, and he continues to explore a variety of new filmmaking technologies, including real-time rendering engines, and virtual reality.

Bettina Di Fiore     Writer

Bettina di Fiore graduated with honors from the creative writing program at Mills College in 2008.  She has written three screenplays with her co-author, Thomas Schelesny, and one as sole author.  She currently provides editorial assistance for both online and in-print publications, and writes a monthly column about classic film and current events.

Matt Jacobs      Director of Photography

A 20-year veteran of the film industry, Matt Jacobs has worked in visual effects for feature films, television, and commercials.  Jacobs's work has been seen in blockbusters such as The Matrix, Twilight, Harry Potter, and the Star Wars series.  He has filmed in locations across the globe, and is now branching out to work on films for the expanding Chinese market.

Brandon Newkirk     Production Manager

A dynamic film and digital media professional, Brandon Newkirk has worked on productions bi-coastally for independent films, music videos, and television series, filling roles as Producer, Production Manager, Location Manager, and 1st AD, as well as providing support for many projects.  Also working on the client-facing side, Brandon has provided value to media companies as a business development lead, and in client service, providing elevated working experiences built to retain premiere clients.  With a skill for “Making Things Happen,” Brandon brings projects to life from concept to delivery with passion, dedication, and a talent for problem solving.  

Jack Hunter:    Gregory Bedford

Gregory Bedford studied film acting at the San Francisco Academy of Art University.  His on-stage performances include over 60 musicals and plays, as well as numerous appearances on the stand-up circuit and award-winning performances in comedy competitions.  Theater roles include Sherlock Holmes in Sherlock’s Last Case, John Proctor in The Crucible, Lt. Frederick Manion in Anatomy of a Murder, and Lt. Shrank in West Side Story.  He also appeared in the films Terminator 2 and Tucker.

Rosa Ramirez:    Ariana Escalante

Ariana Escalante is a host and actress dedicated to using media as a tool to promote self-worth, empowerment, and community, and help viewers find their own unique voices.   She has been seen as an on-camera host at The Recording Academy, ReverbNation, The Grammy Awards, Vans Warped Tour, SXSW, and the True Music Festival.  She has also worked as a community fundraiser correspondent with BET, a trophy host on The 65th Primetime Emmy Awards, and is currently a season regular on TBS’s hit show Deal With It.  A life-long humanitarian, she spends her time mentoring troubled youth, and has served on regional boards with 14 non-profit organizations.

Bill Jacobs:    Thomas Cokenias

Three months after graduating with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering, Cokenias started acting.  Early roles included Sidney in The Sign in Sidney Bruestein’s Window, Niko in Zorba!, Tony in Dial M for Murder, and Moon in The Real Inspector Hound.  He refers to his favorite work as ”ABCD” roles--Authorities, Bad Guys, Cops and Creeps, and Dads and Detectives—which he has played in films such as Fruitvale Station, Love Hurts, The Wisdom Tree, and Veracruz, and in plays like The Dreamer Examines His Pillow and Hughie